A downloadable game for Windows, macOS, and Linux

Our submission for LD40 this year is a game titled “Corruption Simulator”. The goal is to make as much money in public office as possible, while simultaneously warding off impeachment. Our take on the theme is that the more money and political rivals you have, the worse your chances of staying in office are. Carefully balance your cash and friends to keep your job!

Call up your political colleagues to ask what they think of your voting record, or gauge their opinion on the bill sitting on the desk! All this is helpful information when making your choice.

If you decide to approve a bill, write your own signature on it!

Check your bank statement from your desktop PC every once in awhile.

Things really fell apart at the last second, certain features did not get into the game and there are a few bugs still present. The cash system was something that we really wanted to flush out, but didn’t have the time. However, overall we’re pretty happy with what we achieved during the allotted jam time, it’s a promising prototype for a future game. 

If you enjoyed, please go rate it on the Ludum Dare website! Link: here



CorruptionSimulator.zip 19 MB